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La mission dal Ristorant – Pizarie “Vinerie Vencò” e je chê di pandi e valorizâ la culture e i prodots dal nestri teritori, considerât patrimoni di ecelencis enogastronomichis: vin, persut crût, salam, cjar, pes, formadis, polente, frico, gubane, ai, vueli di ulive, broade, sgnape, marmeladis, mîl

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FRESHNESS OF SEASONS ‘Our chef uses seasonal products, selected to create dishes with a well-defined personality, creating different menu every week, rich in taste and freshness.

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Dolegna del Collio, neighboring municipality with Slovenia, includes seven villages: Lonzano, Vencò, Mernico, Restocina, Ruttars, Scriò, Trussio; It extends for 1243 hectares, including hills, of which 710 are planted to the screw, so the 60% of the area is used for the production of wine

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Tasty and provided the store where you can find many typical products of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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